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The Chalfont Fire Company is located in Bucks County, in South Eastern Pennsylvania. Our coverage area includes Chalfont Borough, New Britain Borough, New Britain Township, and a small part of Doylestown Township. Our first-due consists of everything from rural at the north end of our coverage area, to suburban and commercial at the west end of our coverage area that borders Montgomery County, PA. Chalfont Fire Company responds to around 300 calls a year. We are equipped to answer many different types of calls, including, but not limited to: fire alarms, auto extrications, water rescue, Hazardous Materials, brush fires, and building fires. Chalfont Fire Company has been all volunteer since 1904 and proudly plans to stay that way for years to come.


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CHICKEN BARBEQUE ( Drive - Thru ) SUNDAY, June 11th, 2017
Sunday, June 11, 2017 
The Chalfont Fire Company is having its annual chicken BBQ.

 Sunday, June 11th, 2017,  from 11am - 4pm or until Sold Out!

 Cost will be $12.00.

This year, we will again be having a DRIVE-THRU,  through the Fire Truck bay to pick up your dinner.    No need to get out of your car, so please come out and support, rain or shine.


1/2 Barbequed Chicken

Baked Beans

Cole Slaw

Apple Sauce

Roll and Butter

Home Baked Goodies

Thank you, for your continued support!!!

Chalfont/New Britian Sewage Plant Fire
Tuesday, May 23, 2017 15:22
On Tuesday May 23rd at approx. 15:22 Chalfont Fire Company was dispatched on Box 34-41 to the 1600 Block of Upper State Road for a reported Building Fire. Upon arrival Deputy 34 (Fluck) reported heavy smoke and flames visible through the roof of the dryer building and established Chalfont command. A tanker task force was immediately dispatched to assist in bringing water to the scene. Chief 19 (Cramer) reported a roof collapse and an external attack was then established. Rescue 78 arrived soon after and went into service with a hand line and a master stream. Engine 54 (Rhoades) arrived and laid into a dry hydrant on the property to supply the scene with water. Ladder 74 arrived after and started aerial operations on the side of the building. Crews were in service for approx. 40 minutes until the fire was place under control at 16:04. Crews remained on scene for several hours for overhaul operations. The last unit was released from the scene at 18:18. Engine 34 (F. Schea), Rescue 34 (Dacanay), and Tanker 34 also responded. The cause of the fire is being investigated by the Bucks County and Doylestown Township Fire Marshalls. Assisting on this call were: Chal-Brit EMS, Doylestown Fire Company, Warrington Fire Company, Hilltown Fire Company, Plumsteadville Fire Company, Midway Fire Company, Dublin Fire Company, Point Pleasant Fire Company, and Montgomery Township Fire Company. Thanks to Silverdale and Colmar Fire Companies for covering our local during the fire.

Courtesy of 6ABC
   Courtesy of 6ABC
Volunteers Needed
Be part of the tradition! Be part of the excitement! Be part of the community! Be a volunteer firefighter! Chalfont Fire Company is a 100% volunteer organization and we want you. Do you have what it takes? Volunteer today!

Chalfont Firefighters Respond to a large home Fire
Tuesday, January 6, 2015 22:25
At 2225hrs, Chalfont firefighters responded to a fire alarm in the 50 block of Curley Mill Road in New Britain Township. Immediately after dispatch, Bucks County 911 received a 911 call from the residence reporting smoke in the dwelling and requesting a response from the fire company. Tactical Box 34-2 was immediately dispatched. Battalion 34 (Schea) arrived on location an immediately reported a working attic fire. Engine 34-1 (Lt. Marino) responded and upon arriving on scene laid a supply line from the end of the driveway and went into service with multiple hand lines and a ground monitor. Chief 34 (McGuire) arrived and established Chalfont Command. Ladder 74 (Lt. Dando) arrived and went into service in the driveway with the ladder and ground monitors. Shortly after entry into the dwelling, a partial collapse of the ceiling caused crews to retreat and Command called for an evacuation of the building. Chalfont Command called for a Tanker Task Force to assist in bringing water to the scene. Engine 34 and Tac 74 also responded. Crews were in-service for several hours, and returned from the fire at 0500.

Crews experienced difficulty at this incident due to the extremely low temperatures and freezing water, including not being able to use a nearby dry hydrant.  The New Britain Township and Bucks County Fire Marshal are investigating the cause of the fire.

Assisting on this call were: Chal-Brit EMS, Hilltown Fire Company, Doylesytown Fire Company, Dublin Fire Company, Plumsteadville Fire Company, Colmar Fire Company, Point Pleasant Fire Company, Midway Fire Company, Northampton Fire Company, Montgomery Township Fire, Silverdale Fire Company, Dublin Fire Company, and the North Penn Goodwill.  New Britain Township Public Works also responded and assisted with spreading of salt due to the roadway freezing.


Congratulations Vinnie
Friday, July 25, 2014 
The Chalfont Fire Company would like to congratulate one of our own, Vinnie Malvoso, for graduating from the Fairfax County Fire Academy on Friday, July 25th.  Vinnie will be joining the crew at station 39, North Point.  Congratulations on a well earned job and we wish you the best. 

Town House Basement Fire
Saturday, July 19, 2014 22:40
At 10:40 PM on Saturday, July 19, 2014,  Chalfont firefighters were dispatched to a basement fire on the 70 block of Unami Trail in New Britain Borough. While enroute, Chief 34 was notified by Bucks County that the police were onscene reporting heavy smoke showing. Chief 34 upgraded the assignment to a working fire. Engine 34-1 arrived on location and laid in from a nearby hydrant, with the crew going interior with a handline. Upon entering the dwelling, crews immediately noticed that the floor was compromised and the building was evacuated. One firefighter partially fell through the floor while evacuating, but was uninjured. Ladder 74 arrived on location and their crew went interior with a hand line through the rear of the residence while the Ladder was raised to Side B of the dwelling. The fire was quickly brought under control and contained to the basement. There was smoke damage to the upper floors of the fire building and an adjoining home. Two firefighters were transported to Doylestown Hospital for observation and were released.

Engine 34 and Tac 74 also responded along with mutual aid from Doylestown, Hilltown and Plumsteadville. Warrington Fire Company covered Station 34. Chal-Brit EMS and VMSC-Lansdale provided rehab and medical services.

House Fire
Saturday, June 28, 2014 13:26
The Chalfont fire company was dispatched to 17 Marian circle for a fire alarm at 1:26 pm Saturday June 28. Shortly after dispatch the call was upgraded to a dwelling fire. Battalion 34 (Schea) was first on scene with a fully involved garage and fire in the second floor and roof of the home. Engine 34 (lt Bair) Ladder 74 (lt Dando) Rescue 34 (Miller) Chief 34 (McGuire) Responded. Upon arrival engine 34 layed in to the scene. Engine 34, ladder 74 quickly put two hand lines in to service one to the interior of the home and one to the garage side. Crews made quick work to extinguish the fire but due to the extreme heat of the day many mutual aid companies were called in to help.

This call shows how important fire alarms can be the family was home at the time of the fire. The fire company was first alerted by the alarm system but by the time the first arriving company was on scene the fire had quickly spread into the house. Always make sure to have working fire alarms in your homes as well as to regularly check the batteries.

Three Alarm Building Fire at Salvage Direct
Wednesday, February 15, 2012 22:03
 Shortly after 10pm, Chalfont firefighters were dispatched on Local Box 34-25 for an alarm system at an industrial site on the 70 block of Bristol Road. Shortly after dispatch, the assignment was upgraded to a working fire. Deputy 19 (Wood) arrived on location and reported heavy fire from the roof. Chief 34 (McGuire) and Deputy 34 (Fluck) arrived on location and a second alarm was added. Engine 34-1 (B.C. Shea) hooked up to the hydrant at Bristol Road and laid into the scene. Ladder 79, Engine 34, and Ladder 74 arrived on location and their crews went to work with hand lines and setting up master streams from the ladder. Engine 78-1 laid a supply line from the scene down the drive towards the hydrant. Engine 19 picked up the supply line and after laying in from the hydrant at Bristol Rd and Janton Way. Rescue 34 was assigned to the hydrant at Janton Way. Tower 66 also setup master stream operations. After extensive work the fire was placed under control and crews left the scene at approximately 2:30am.
In addition to Warrington, Doylestown, and Warwick, assistance was provided by the Colmar, Dublin, Plumsteadville, and Hartsville Fire Companies. Chal-Brit EMS also responded to the scene with a medic unit and the MCI Truck. North Penn Goodwill provided canteen services to approximately 85 firefighters. 

Chalfont Fire Fighters Assist Montco Sta 18 on Dwelling Fire
Thursday, February 9, 2012 16:48
Around 5pm chalfont fire fighter were dispatched on Box 47-18 to assist Montco station 18 on a dwelling fire on Douglas Rd. Montgomery township. Engine 34(Lt.Bintner) Chief 34 and Deputy 34 responded. Deputy 34 (B. Fluck) arrived on located with fire through the roof of a single family dwelling. Engine 34 laid into the scene from the hydrant and supplied water to engine 60. The crew of engine 34 went into service with hand lines from the exterior. Fire was placed under control and chalfonts crews were released around 7pm.  

Chalfont fire fighters help Plumsteadville Fire Co
Thursday, April 1, 2010 14:30
Chalfont fire company was dispatched on box 24-40 at 14:39. Engine 34-1 (LT. Bair) responded to help with man power due to the extreme clutter of the house. Engine 34-1 crew helped with salvage and overhaul of the large amount of clutter that was hoarded from the homeowner. Engine 34-1 was cleared at 18:00. (Fire Chief Brian DuBree said firefighters had to contend with clutter that "filled rooms from floor to ceiling" in the two-story Colonial on Split Log Drive. "It is a very nice house from the outside, but the homeowner was a hoarder and the amount of stuff inside the house made it difficult for my firefighters," said DuBree. He pointed to a large pile of clothing and boxes on the front lawn of the home. "That's just 1/16th of what we found in each room of the house," said the chief. DuBree said the fire stated shortly after 2:30 p.m. in a bedroom on the second floor. The homeowner and her dog were out of the home when firefighters arrived. He said that crews tried to enter the house through the front door but couldn't get it to open because of the number of items piled behind it."We actually had to remove the door," said DuBree. Because of the clutter, firefighters could not get around and DuBree ordered them out of the structure. "It became a safety issue for my crews," he said. One Plumsteadville firefighter was cut by flying glass. DuBree said he was treated for a head wound at the scene and went back to battle the blaze. The chief called in neighboring companies to help fight the fire from the outside. Asked if he had encountered a problem with hoarding before, DuBree said "nothing this bad." "It didn't allow us do our job," said the chief. The cause of fire is under investigation by the Bucks County Fire Marshal's Office. Among the companies that assisted Plumsteadville were Hilltown, Point Pleasant, Midway, Doylestown, Dublin and Chalfont.) (Intelligencer4-1-2010)

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